VIII International Gathering


Visit to the Women in Struggle Community Services Center (San Miguel de Topilejo, Mexico)


  • ATTENTION: the deadline for submitting proposals is extended until September 15. Click here to access the form.
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8th International Workers’ Economy Gathering

Short Call

Mexico City, August 30th – October 31st, 2021


The Workers’ Economy International Network announces its 8th International Gathering in Mexico.


The 8th International Workers’ Economy Gathering will take place in Mexico City, from August 30th to October 31st, 2021.


We invite all workers from recuperated and self-managed enterprises, cooperatives and social and popular economy organizations to participate, as well as trade unions and academics interested in and committed to self-management practices and the project of a new workers’ economy.


The opening event will be held virtual on August 30, 11am to 2pm, in Mexico City.


In the midst of the critical context that we are experiencing because of the Covid19 Pandemic, this gathering becomes relevant for the international social movement for the social and popular economy that is under construction. Beyond the analysis and knowledge of the social and labor reality and the exchange of our experiences, we propose that this gathering contributes to the intersection between the spaces for reflection and our problematics as workers to transform our living conditions and to be protagonists in the construction of political, social, labor and cultural proposals.


Discussion Points

  1. The crisis of global capitalism before and during the pandemic. Economic, political and labor perspectives for workers.
  2. Resources, tools, methods and strategies based on collective actions such as self-management, cooperatives, recovered enterprises.
  3. Self-managed work contributions to collective development to combat inequalities and discrimination.
  4. Distribution and consumption from the point of view of social and popular economy, well-being and sustainability.
  5. The challenges of trade unionism, cooperativism and other forms of workers’ organization.
  6. The precariousness of work, job insecurity and unemployment before and after the Covid19 pandemic.
  7. The workers participation to create public policies that strengthen the social and popular economy and cooperativism
  8. The links between the fight for dignified work and the fight for workers’ health.
  9. The Worker’s Economy in the context of national and international migration.
  10. Popular education and the construction of pedagogical practices. The social function of universities, the co-production of learning and the transfer of knowledge.


Key dates

Proposals will be received for activities to organize the schedule of activities from July 15 to August 31, 2021. The activities can be: Discussions, Virtual visits to cooperatives, recovered enterprises and self-managed locations in Mexico and other countries. Seminars, methodologies and advances in studies on cooperativism, recovered enterprises, popular economy, and others. Workshop, book and magazine presentations. Documentaries, films, photographic archives, concerts and other recreational activities related to the agenda of the gathering, can be held in September and October. Activities can be proposed with up to 5 participants, including the chair, on specific topics, based on the discussion points, and it’s suggested to consider a time for dialogue with the audience. The activities can be testimonial and, in the case of those that contain elements of reflection and analysis, please use accessible language.


It’s important consider that, since this is an international gathering, the activities may take place from 11am to 2pm Mexico City time, with maximum duration of 3 hours.


Proposals can be submitted by this form


Check the call on the official page of the gathering at:




Hourly Schedule

August 30

11:00 - 14:00

September 9

11 - 13:30
Visit to the Women in Struggle Community Services Center (San Miguel de Topilejo, Mexico)
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