Workers Recovered Firms: thedifference between workers buyouts and empresas recuperadas.A Sardinian case study.

Barbara Barbieri, Contu Alessia, Marco Zurru

The financial and economic crisis has had a clear global dimension. In Italy one of its dire consequenceswhich is also evident in other European and in Latin American countries, has been the increased number offirmshutdowns. Since 2008 about 82000 firms have declared bankruptcies (Cerved, 2016); and many morehave closed down their activities. It is in such a scenario of crisis that we have witnessed the emergence ofworkers-recovered firms.In this paper we analyse the Italian situation showing the key similarities and differences between the Italiancontext and experiences with the well-known cases in Latin America. Our comparison centres on Argentinabecause the phenomenon of theempresas recuperadashas significant proportions and has been welldocumented (e.g. Vieta, 2015)